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i've never eaten there before. i've heard good things, though.


The name of the restaurant is interesting. Any history on the name? The patty looks wonderful with the daikon...


You had me catch my breath there for a second...I thought you had made all this food yourself, achieving yet another level of culinary complexity.

I can smell the sizzling smoke!


Illahee, if you like Japanese-style hamburger steaks, then you'll like Bukkuri Donkey!

Carlyn, no idea about the name. The site says the original restuarant was called "Beru". They should have kept that name!

Joanna, I definitely didn't make any of that food. I've tried making hambaag before and it's always a miserable failure.

Jennifer Pack

Amy, the name of the restaurant means "surprise donkey". Which really cracks me up. I'm sure they aren't serving donkey meat....but what a name.


Wow. I didn't know anyone actually really called them Hamburg Steak in English. It's always driven me crazy hearing Japanese call them that in English as I've grown up with Hamburger Steak (in Hawaii) or yes, Salisbury Steak (TV dinners!).

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